Sporting Dogs

Sporting dogs are breeds of dogs actually used for hunting. They have been bred to help hunters track and retrieve game. However, hunting is now a strictly regulated activity and these dogs now work more like pets than hunters. Continue reading the article in order to have a know-how on what dogs are a part of the “sporting” group of dogs?

These breeds are quite active and can go small and medium-sized dogs like the Retriever. They are excellent pets for their mild temperament and they are also very good with children. The following would be the three most popular sporting dogs. Because of their intelligence and beauty, they are generally used for dog shows.

Extreme sports can be new ways to exercise your pet. Although all extreme sports are not suitable for your pet, it may be interesting to practice different activities. Skating, for example, is an improved experience when your four-legged friend reaches you. Both you and your dog can do an intense workout during an online skating session. Skijoring can be another example. And if you do not like extreme sports, you can enjoy a quick ride with your dog every morning. Hiking is another possibility and even climbing is now possible with special harnesses designed for dogs.

The Labrador Retriever is perhaps one of the most popular breeds of dogs. These dogs are very active, intelligent and are good with children. They always aim to please their masters and you can always see them with their eyes happy and smiles. Labrador Retrievers are active dogs, so you’ll have to exercise them regularly so they can spend some of their energy. The laboratories, once chained or caged without any exercise, would become very hyperactive and difficult to control. Would you like a dog that can be easily controlled because once you get the upper hand on you, it would be the master and you would be the dog – metaphorically speaking, of course.

Cocker Spaniels are beautiful dogs. They have long shiny coats and wonderful puppy eyes. Because of their beautiful coats and legs that look like trousers, these dogs usually participate in dog shows. With a coat like this, however, it will take care, because it is subject to mats. Despite its docile appearance, Cocker Spaniel is used to helping hunters recover the game.

The Irish Setters have been considered very active dogs and can sometimes go directly to you. Watching them play is fun and you might not even realize it’s been a while. Aggression has never been part of their personality, making them fantastic animals, but bad guard dogs. However, you should closely observe your dogs when you have toddlers and young children because they are so animated that they can simply overthrow them.

If you want to take in a dog, you must be ready to take responsibility for it. Being a responsible dog owner does not just mean that you give him food and shelter. It also means that you have to give him love, play with him, discipline him when he does something wrong and take him to the vet when he’s sick. Thinking about it, owning a dog is a bit like having children.



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